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Re: Problems with GNU make.exe on win98 (reformatted)

Don't expect much: -b20 is ancient, as is make 3.75.
Goto and reinstall first.


Johan Bezem
CSK Software AG wrote:
> Hi,
> Heres the environment:
> Win 98, cygwin-b20, make 3.75, DOS shell
> Whenever I try to run make in a DOS shell, I get several
> "Bad command or file name" errors. I discovered that I was
> getting this error only for commands that are also part of
> the standard DOS ( library. This does not appear
> to be a path problem since all non-DOS commands work fine.
> Also, I am able to run the same DOS command outside of make.
> Scenario:
> If I place a "mkdir xxx" in the the makefile and run make,
> I get the mentioned error. However, I can run that same
> command at the DOS prompt, and it works fine. If I go to the
> cygwin bin directory, rename mkdir.exe to mkdir_test.exe,
> then adjust the makefile to contain "mkdir_test xxx",
> everything will work.
> So, is it possible that make.exe is not looking outside the
> DOS command shell for commands that are part of the standard
> DOS library? But, it works for all other commands that are
> in the PATH?
> I have tried setting my PATH so that the cygwin/bin
> directory is first, this does not help. This same
> environment works fine on Win 2000. Any help would be
> appreciated... Thanks.
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