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Newbie: rpm,vim,nvi,top

Hi all!  First I'd like to say the Cygwin is really great.  My system at
is a Windows98se box with everything including the kitchen sink thrown
in.  :-)
Although I have Linux on a separate disk drive which I can boot off of,
Cygwin makes it a lot easier to toggle back and forth between Windows
and Linux.
So keep up the great work!  If I have a few minutes I'll see if I can
work on
something for someone.  But presently I have a few questions:

Windows98se, Downloaded Cygwin on August 17th (don't know the version
off  the top of my head).  I'm running tcsh and bash, use rxvt as the
terminal type.
I have lots of hard drive space and lots of memory.

rpm: Is there an rpm program available for Cygwin?  If so I can not find
it.  I thought it would be
nice to be able to unrpm the sources of programs in order to work on

vim: I have various commands in vim which end in ^M.  They won't work.
Why not?
(They get out to the end of the command but no return is entered.  I
tried putting in ^J's - but
no go.  I'm stuck.  Help?)

nvi: NVI's installation returned "could not find stropts.h".  I looked -
not there.

top: I saw that it was mentioned that there is now a TOP program.  How
do I go about getting it?
The download didn't have it in it.

Thanks!  That's it.

Mark Manning

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