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Re: Xerces C++ support in cygwin

Here are my exact steps.... I'm using the latest of cygwin and all the other
necessary packages available via cygwin setup (make, gcc, etc.)

> mkdir /cvs_projects
> cd /cvs_projects
> cvs -d login
> cvs -d checkout
--- takes a long while ---
> cd xml-xerces/c/src/xercesc
> ./runConfigure -p cygwin -c gcc -x g++ -m inmem -n socket -t native
--- takes a little while ---
> make
--- takes a long while, and the last steps takes quite awhile and sucks up
memory as it links the xerces dll ---
> make install
--- takes a little while ---

It should work for you... a few people have added some patches (see  I even completely
wiped out my cvs view and re-downloaded it via cvs checkout.

Note that I've also discovered that "./runConfigure -pcygwin -cgcc -xg++"
also works... the rest of the options are the same as the defaults for
cygwin that are in the runConfigure script.

An update on my problems with the tests and samples though:
I was able to update a few files to add cygwin support for these
directories, if you want to try them, download the two patch files attached
to "Xerces-C++ bug #12004 Samples/Tests don't build under cygwin"
(  With these
patches, just do "./runConfigure -pcygwin -cgcc -xg++" in both the
xml-xerces/c/tests and xml-xerces/c/samples directories.  Remember that
libxerces-c.dll must have been already built and installed prior to building
the tests and samples.

Now the tests and samples build ok, but when I try to run the tests, I get a
stackdump.  It appears that either gcc or cygwin has a problem with c++
exceptions being thrown from a dll.  I stepped through the DOMMemTest app in
gdb and it puked at about the moment where a DOMException would be thrown.
I've seen some mention of this c++ exceptions problem in the cygwin mailing
list archives, but don't see any solutions or further ideas about where the
problem lies, although I thought I saw mention somewhere that the problem
exists in other platforms besides cygwin when gcc is used.


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From: "Gerrit P. Haase" <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2002 6:18 PM
Subject: Re: Xerces C++ support in cygwin

> Hallo abraham,
> > Getting xerces to build:
> > 1) Create your cvs view of the xerces-c source tree
> > (see, you want
> > xml-xerces, and the "c" directory of that module).
> > 2) cd to the c/src/xercesc directory of the cvs view
> > 3) type the following at the cygwin prompt:
> >> ./runConfigure -p cygwin -c gcc -x g++ -m inmem -n
> > socket -t native
> What about threads: ' -r pthread '?
> > 4) then type "make"
> > 5) after everything is finished building, type "make
> > install"
> > you should now be able to use xerces in your app
> > (remember to use -lxerces-c in your link, and also make
> > sure that /usr/local/bin is in your windows %PATH% when
> > you run your app)
> Gerrit
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