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Available for test: gcc-3.2-1, gcc-mingw-3.2-20020817-1, gcc2-2.95.3-10

I've updated gcc to version 3.2 and made it available for testing,
along with all of the pieces from the gcc mingw release (thanks, Danny)
required for the -mno-cygwin switch.  This version is based on the
just released 3.2 version of gcc plus changes in the gcc cygwin/mingw

I've verified that this version builds cygwin ok and passes Chuck Wilson's
minimal tests.

There is also a gcc2 update, also available only for testing.  This
version has fastcall support from Danny's mingw release and includes
some tweaks that should allow me to eventually reintroduce the alignment
changes in binutils which allow java to work better.

The easiest way to install these packages is to click on the "Exp" button
in the Select packages screen when running setup.exe.

Reports to, please.

Please do not send me personal email with cygwin questions.
Use the resources at .

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