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RE: Expectations for Windows Programmers

Thanks Joshua and Shankar for the info.

Considering the wealth of source code available in the UNIX/LINUX community,
I felt it was newsworthy that a basic tool set is available for possibly
automating the conversion of open source libraries.

Within the OS survival game, this would amount to deep incursion into "enemy

Can you give any ballpark figure of the amount time it would take to convert
a "typical" library right now?



> wrote:
> > I am not a C programmer, but it sounds like I should be able to
> use gcc and
> > dlltool to build a Wintel DLL.
> >
> > It is unclear from reading the Cygwin User's Guide if I will actually be
> > able to link this DLL with other programming languages outside
> the Cygwin
> > environment.
> It is theoretically possible, though you will have to thoroughly
> understand the toolchain and DLL mechanisms.
> You can build a cygwin-independent object file by compiling with
> -mno-cygwin. You may need the "mingw" package to get windows headers for
>   this.
> Once you do this, you should be able to build a regular windows DLL, and
> even generate .LIB export stubs for this DLL. However, I must confess
> that I don't have references and man pages handy. Much of this
> "knowledge" comes from when I ported the toolchain to an experimental
> platform that is now defunct.
> --
> Shankar.

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