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Re: [gcc 3.2]: undefined symbols when compiling cygwin dll.

--- Nicholas Wourms <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just wiped my cygwin install and started fresh with a new install
> based on gcc-3.2.  As usual, I installed everything.  I then
> proceeded to attempt compiling the cygwin dll (from cvs sources)
> using the following flags:
> CXXFLAGS="-I/usr/include/c++/3.2" ../src/configure
> --prefix=/usr/src/cygwin-src/build/../install
> Before I continue, let me state that the tree wasn't broken earlier
> today.  Also, no commits have been made on the cygdaemon-branch
> since
> then.  That being said, the build process craps out when it is
> trying
> to link all the object files for the dll.  Gcc states:
> undefined reference to `_FindAtomA@4'
> undefined reference to `_AddAtomA@4'
> undefined reference to `_GetAtomNameA@12'
> I'm not sure if this is a bug or me missing something, but I
> thought
> I'd report it anyway.  Truth be told, I'm not terribly familiar
> with
> the gcc sources, but I'll poke around to see what turns up.  Also,
> note that I have verified that I have the proper packages necessary
> for gcc-3.2 installed.

Ok, I just remembered that those symbols are from kernel32.dll.  So,
I went back and modified the arguments passed by make to compile the
cygwin dll, appending "-lkernel32" to the end of the line.  Executing
the new command does, indeed, resolve the problem.  So I guess one
would need to modify to link the dll with -lkernel32
appended to the list of arguments.


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