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Re: Available for test: gcc-3.2-1, gcc-mingw-3.2-20020817-1, gcc2-2.95.3-10

--- Dylan Cuthbert <> wrote:
> "Christopher Faylor" <> wrote in message
> >
> > There is also a gcc2 update, also available only for testing. 
> This
> > version has fastcall support from Danny's mingw release and
> includes
> > some tweaks that should allow me to eventually reintroduce the
> alignment
> > changes in binutils which allow java to work better.
> >
> Not just java, we're waiting on these binutils so we can use the
> extensions for gcc that need to have 128-bit stack alignment
> working
> properly.  At least we hope that's the only problem :-(
> Any chance of a pre-release version to test?  We don't use gcc-2
> anyway.


I'm sure Chris will release them when he thinks it is appropriate. 
However, you need not wait, for the sources are only a few dozen
keystrokes away...

1)cvs login
>>>password: anoncvs
2)cvs -z9 co binutils
3)mkdir build
4)cd build
5)../src/configure --prefix=../install
6)make; make install
7)cd ../install; tar -jcvf /binutils-20020826-1.tar.bz2 *
8)copy the tarball to {temp dir}/binutils and point setup.exe there
to install...

Eight easy steps to get a binutils prerelease.  Easy as Dell, easy as
apple pie =).


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