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Re: Xerces C++ support in cygwin

I've tested Gerrit's patch and submitted it (among others to get more
support for cygwin in Xerces-C++).  These patches were checked in today and
I just finished testing using gcc 3.2.1 that was recently announced.  Feel
free anyone to get the sources from cvs and build it...  Great news is that
with gcc 3.2.1, I'm seeing the C++ DOM exceptions being caught when they are
thrown from the xerces dll, which allows all the xerces tests to pass. (this
was a problem when I built the xerces dll and tried running the tests
against gcc 2.95.3).

I'd like to prep this for cygwin packaging (
and would welcome any feedback regarding the issues surrounding gcc versions
(or any other issues that anyone would see).  As I understand it (and
experienced), since this is a dll that exposes c++ types, that if the dll is
compiled using one version of gcc, you won't be able to link against it with
another version of gcc.  I haven't delved into this, but I assume that
someone knows if a dll built using any 2.x version of gcc can be linked
against any other code built using a different  2.x version of gcc?  In
other words, does someone know at which version number level does binary
compatibility break?


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