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binutils (cvs) problems


Let me start by saying that "yes, I do have the w32api package
installed and it has been verified".  In fact, I have every package
installed except the japanese and apache stuff.  I am using the
gcc-3.2 packages just realeased by Chris.

For about the last month and a half, I have been frustrated with an
issue regarding binutils compiled from cvs sources.  Every single
time I've built the sources, a bad ld is produced.  What happens is
when gcc is linking a source file using the new ld, it dies with this

[Snip]/i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld: cannot find -luser32

Immediately reverting to the current version of binutils available
via setup.exe resolves this issue.  I then thought I was doing some
post install step wrong, so I looked at mknetrelease.  The only thing
different was that it replaces the binaries in
/usr/i686-pc-cygwin/bin with symlinks pointing to the binaries in
/usr/bin.  I went ahead and rebuilt binutils and did the
aforementioned step after installing them.  Still, I get the same
error as before.  I would like to try a newer version to see if it
will allow me to link Qt without running out of memory first.  So,
after searching the archives and what not, I am no more closer to a
solution than I was before.  Here are two questions that I am

A)Is there a specific binutils branch I should be using rather than

B)Is there some sort of macro I'm supposed to pass to configure when
building of ld which allows the ld binary to automatically link to
libuser32 when used?  (I thought the search path stuff was done by
the gcc spec file?)

Back in June, the binutils cvs sources were building just fine and ld
worked as it should.  I'm not sure if this is pilot error or not, but
any insight regarding this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in


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