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Re: Request for clarification in cygwin setup

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Gustavo Guerra wrote:

> In the Cygwin Setup what does exactly means setting "Default Text File Type"
> to DOS or Unix? I don't find it anywhere on the docs or FAQs. It means that
> the text files part of the cygwin distribution will be in that format, that
> all the files we create will have that as a default, something else? What
> are the pros of selecting Unix? Isn't selecting DOS more compatible with the
> rest of Windows?
> Gustavo Guerra

I believe this is already in the archives somewhere, but as I'm too lazy
to go look, here it is again: AFAIK, this option controls whether the
system directories in cygwin will be mounted in text or binary mode.  The
pro of selecting Unix is that, since Cygwin is a Unix shell, most of the
tools written for Unix should work OOTB as downloaded, without the need to
change the line endings.  If you wish, you can mount Windows directories
in text mode...  See 'mount --help'.
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