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[gcc-3.2]: mbstate_t defined by gcc conflicts with cygwin header _types.h


I was joining in the fun of compiling xerces with the new gcc-3.2 and
the latest cygwin build from cvs.  Midway through I happened upon

/usr/include/c++/3.2/cwchar:65: conflicting types for `typedef struct
/usr/include/sys/_types.h:41: previous declaration as `typedef struct

   _mbstate_t mbstate_t'

A quick look at the package search shows that this file is unique to
gcc-3.2 and not earlier versions.   I also assume, based on the fact
that Abe and Gerrit have sucessfully built it, that this is a gcc-3.2
related issue.  The questions that come to mind are:

1)Should the Cygwin header be changed?
2)Should the g++ header be changed?
3)Should xerces define MBSTATE_T?

Not that this is necessarily a bug report, just thought I put it out
there to see what the others think.


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