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perl 5.8 / autoheader issue

I just updated my system to use (the experimental) perl 5.8 and
I've run into a problem w/ autoheader that seems to be a perl

(I'm also running the latest cygwin DLL from CVS in case that's
relevant; and I'm on win2k SP3; cygcheck output attached.)

scottc@BABEL ~
$ autoheader --version
C:\cygwin\bin\perl.exe: *** unable to remap
C:\cygwin\lib\perl5\5.8.0\cygwin-multi-64int\auto\IO\IO.dll to
same address as parent -- 0x21960000
*** continuing from debugger call
5501910 [main] perl 1656 sync_with_child: child 1860(0x150) died
before initialization with status code 0x1
5522502 [main] perl 1656 sync_with_child: *** child state child
loading dlls
*** continuing from debugger call
/usr/bin/autoheader: line 231:  1656 Aborted                 (core
dumped) ${AUTO_DEVEL}/bin/autoheader --version
Autoconf version 2.13
This is autoheader-wrapper, which will hand off execution
to one of the two real versions listed above, depending
on the contents of  Since the
wrapper was called from within a directory in which those
files are not found, this generic 'version' message is

The problem is intermittent but can be triggered by running
"autoheader --version" in a directory w/o any script
or whatever.  The particular DLL involved changes from crash to
crash tho' is alway from the perl lib hierarchy.

Note the hand-waving here: I don't understand the auto* stuff at
all; all I know is that this just happened in the bzlib2 directory
while configuring a cygwin build from scratch and I can re-create
it in an empty directory.  YMMV.

Other than running from a locally built cygwin DLL, that otherwise
seems fine, this problem just turned up on a clean install of the
latest perl 5.8 via setup.

For the moment I'll go back to the previous release (5.6?) so this
isn't a big problem for me.


// Conrad

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