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Re: Soliciting profiles for next Zsh release

Hi Peter,

On 27-8-2002 7:10, Peter A. Castro wrote:

Anyhoo, before I release the new version I'd like to get some input from
users. Specifically, I'd like to see what you've done for your
/etc/zprofile, or if you've made any mods to /etc/profile or added a zsh
specific script to /etc/profile.d that you think would benefit everyone.
After the last round of "profile" goings on, I though I'd try any add
some pre-canned startup profiles (and skeletons) to make zsh the best
shell ever on Cygwin! I might even through in a desktop icon. But
rather than write this stuff in a vacuum, I'd really like to know just
what others find useful to setup so that they won't have to re-code their
precious profiles after updating the package.
Thanks for your zsh packaging efforts! I too am a very happy user.

I'm afraid I don't have anything tangible, but I do have a suggestion for something that would be useful for the Cygwin distribution of zsh:
Command line completion functions for Cygwin specific commands (e.g. cygpath, cygrunsrv, cygcheck, ...).
I don't have any (yet), and on first glance it seems to be too non-trivial to hack them together in a few minutes, but if you or someone else has already created those, I think they'd be a valuable addition.

Best regards,

- Michael

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