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Re: gcc with std::multimap

I'm using cygwin on win2k . And for a simple test that use std::multimap
I receive some undefined like: << undefined reference to 'cout' >> when I compile with gcc. I every think
is fine if I compile with c++. What is the difference ???

( I have try included every think : iostream, stdlib, and of course map and algorithm header but the 1 exit estatus
still. )
This is a gcc question - not a cygwin question - also it is answered in the message archives. Using gcc with c++ code will be unlikely to work, certainly if you are using anything from the standard c++ libraries. the std c++ libraries are Not linked in when you use gcc, but are with c++/g++. There is also sometimes other differences between gcc and using g++, but the main one is that it does not add the standard c++ library to the link line.


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