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Re: CR/LF , Grep, and configure options. And now cygwin1.dll

> On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 08:37:38AM +0000, Soren A wrote:
> > "Dan Vasaru" <> wrote in 
> >">
> > 
> > > What are the configure options used to build the distro grep ?
> > > While I'm on the line, is there a list of the configure
> > > options/prerequisites used to build any binary from the distribution ?
> > 
> > Thats a good question, I'd like to know the answer too. I have delved into
> > some Cygwin package sources but I cannot recall seeing anything like you 
> > are referring to.

Quoting Corinna Vinschen <>:


Thank you for pointing me to the general setup procedure.

The setup procedure, as I read it, prescribes a minimum set of configure options. I couldn't though find any mandatory entry describing the exact way a package was built. 

To quote from setup.html:
"Your source package already be patched with any necessary cygwin specific changes. The user should be able to just ./configure; make; and go."

In my case, I discovered that a plain vanilla configure of the make source yields a binary with a different behaviour than the distributed binary.

Not being able to exactly recreate distribution packages has licensing implications; if one is required to make the cygwin&utils sources available, and the sources  do not include build/configure instructions, how can one guarantee that the binaries were build from those sources ?

On a similar note, following the cygwin1.dll build instructions from the FAQ leave me with a cygwin1.dll that cannot load (0xc0000022 unable to initialize). Reconfiguring with the --enable-debugging flag gives me a nice and usable dll that does load. The fact that the FAQ actually lists configure options for buildiong cygwin1.dll contradicts the setup.html statement above (that configure should be run without options).

So I would really want to know the exact configure options (and prerequisites) used for building the following binaries from the distribution:

a) grep.exe
b) cygwin1.dll

Ideally, all packages should build with a simple ./configure; make; make install.  I think I have discovered and proved that this is not the case for now, and until that is possible I just need the configure options for a) and b).

TIA , dan. 

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