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dll versus so

Hi everyone,

I'm migrating a dll file from Windows operative system (cygwin compiled) to Linux RH 7.2 (GCC).
I implemented the corresponding makefile to get the .so file working properly. After some time testing it and solving some problems, I got the library running. But I detect a problem now I'm not able to solve.

I call from an executable B. B and have several routines duplicated. Obviously, the reason for having them is differnet compiler options for B and So, if I have the routine C duplicated in and B, the internal code is different for C in and C in B. Under Cygwin I don't have any problem because the executable and the dll file use their own routines, but in Linux C routine in B is always mapped everywhere in the program. So, when calling C from the program calls C from B and I have an undesirable behaviour.

Is it possible to adapt the compiler/linker behaviour to match the Windows compilation ?

How can it be done ?

Any compiler/linker option ?

Thanks in advance. Ignasi Villagrasa.

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