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RE: -mno-cygwin flag and libraries

OK, my msg was mostly if not all off-topic but I was not aware of it. Sorry
for that. I will also answer myself as it might be useful for another lost
soul as myself. Hope you don't mind.

> Fernando wrote:
> I'm looking for information on the -mno-cygwin flag. What are the
> consequences (for pathnames, shared libraries linking, ???)? I've
> looked in the docs/faq/gcc man&info and google without luck. Can
> I combine libraries compiled with or without -mno-cygwin.

Look here for mingw (an alternative to port code to
windows using gcc and other GNU tools)

Look here
for a HOWTO on -mno-cygwin

> I'm also looking for information on the many different types of
> files (.o, .a, .la, .dll.a, .so, ...) created during the make
> process and what is specific or different for cygwin.

There is a nice (easy reading and short) tutorial on the development tools

There's also documentation for RedHat GNUPro here:

I don't know yet if it answers all of these questions but I would guess so.
The FAQ and User Guide are not helpfull here (unless I overlooked it).

There is also a book online on Autotools including a chapter on Cygwin here:

> In particular, are .dll the equivalents of .so? In the library
> (libgda in I'm trying to compile, ./configure
> options tells me static and shared libraries are created by
> default, but I'm not getting any dll.

I still would appreciate help on this one...

> Also (maybe off-topic), the libgda is loading a shared module
> with the function g_module_open from glib 2.0. Anyone here knows
> if it works with shared libraries (dll??) in cygwin.

Look here for info on the port of glib.
Don't know the answer yet.


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