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Re: * Re: New install on Win XP, no rpm so can't intall anything

Randall R Schulz wrote:
> If you're got software distributed as an RPM, it's unlikely that it's
> a Cygwin package and hence there's no point trying to get it
> installed on Cygwin.
> I suppose a source RPM might be useful.
> Cygwin does include "cpio"--I think RPMs are in cpio format (GNU cpio,
> anyway), so you could extract their contents that way.

True, but the cpio is wrapped inside the rpm. You need rpm2cpio to get the cpio

> At 13:00 2002-08-30, jim brown wrote:
>> Max,
>> Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that cygwin doesn't use rpm.
>> What do I do if I want to install a package that is delivered as a
>> ".rpm" file?

Randall's reply above.

>> What's the alternative?

Say what package you are trying to install.

>> I went to the rpm web site to see if I could get a version there but
>> they are all distributed as ".rpm" files - catch 22.

rpm itself? Its not _very_ hard to compile rpm on Cygwin, but not trivial
either. Without knowing exactly what you want to do, I can't say whether it
would help at all.


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