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Re: cygwin Compile of NetBSD 1.6

Christos Dritsas <> wrote:

>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 07:03:20PM -0000
>>Or, even, just give up since the likelihood of actually being able to
>>build NetBSD under Cygwin with little or no knowledge of cross compilers
>>or symlinks or log files is remote at best.
>>This is not going to be a "fix a few problems and it works" type of
>Since you appear to be familiar with this, can you please list the known 
>complex details of compiling NetBSD 1.6 under Cygwin. As there is little 
>information to be found, that kind of a post would be some help.
  Please don't feed the animals.  You caught cgf in one of his good moods.  Let's not do anything to change that.
  It appears from your earlier posts that you are something of a novice with respect to the skills needed to do what you are attempting.  Nothing wrong with that but you should be prepared for an arduous process.  Many of the problems you are likely to run into are not really cygwin-specific so you will need to find appropriate places to ask for help.  I suggest you start with
  Good luck.

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