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Re: Why won't my files link?

OK, my first suggestion is to tackle this problem the same
way you would on Linux.  How do you find the library or object
file which contains a symbol that you want when you're on Linux?
I'll give you a hint.  You need to use 'nm'.  'grep' can also be 

I get the impression that you think there is something "mysterious"
going on here with Cygwin that can only be answered by having
some in-depth knowledge of Cygwin or it's internals.  Maybe that's true
but I've seen no evidence that your problems are so rooted thus far.
Forgive me if you consider this an insult but I'm wondering how much
experience you have with compiling and linking programs, particularly in 
a GNU environment?  If it's not much, then you probably want to consult 
web resources or a good book/tutorial on building with gcc.  So far, the
issues you've posted all would be well answered by such resources.  This
list really isn't the source for questions on basic tool operations and 
understanding how to resolve rudimentary problems with compiling and 
linking.  Obviously, if your problem is more complex than that and the
problem is Cygwin-specific, then this is the place to talk about it.  If
this is the kind of problem you have, state the details and someone here
will very likely provide some feedback.



Original Message:
From: Nick Miller
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 10:26:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Why won't my files link?

Okay... I believe that I understand the stages of compiling better than
was shown in the e-mail I had previously sent.  Also, I included the full
list of commands I have been using in the initial e-mail that I sent to
the Cygwin list.  Here they are below...

gcc -c fun.c
gcc -c main.c

The above commands should make the ".o" object files...

Then, I already have...


Then, in main.c I am saying,

#include "io_functions.h"
#include "fun.h"

Then, I am using this command below to do the linking...

gcc -o main fun.o io_functions.o main.o

So, the idea here is that I have these three files that are somewhat
dependent on each other and I want to make the final executable called
"main".  When I do this process on a Linux machine using the same exact
files, it works fine.  When I do this in Cygwin, I am getting errors along
the lines of "reference to undefined *thing*"...  I would include the
exact error messages right now, but I am not at my home computer and do
not have a copy of Cygwin on this public machine to test with.  Basically
it looks as if my INCLUDE statements are not doing what they are supposed
to, and that particular functions are not being found correctly.  As I
wrote before, I believe that for some reason there is some problem with
file access or something...

All of my files are in...  C:/cygwin/home/Owner, so I would assume that
the linking of the files should not be a problem.  However, it seems that
something is not working.  I hope that this has clarified my problem(s).
Please let me know if you have additional suggestions.  Thank you so much!


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