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Re: Packaging software built with cygwin

> > The source tarball for cygwin is 4.6M.  I don't understand why this
> > is a huge hardship but, frankly, I don't really care.

> 4.6 MB times how many versions will I need to keep around? Before I removed
> them from the Hercules site, I had four sets of the Cygwin DLLs,
> corresponding to four versions of Hercules they were needed for. Every time
> I release a new version of Hercules, that's another source tarball I'd need.

I realize this is pretty late in the discussion, but I have a suggestion that
might work. Online, you could distribute only the latest, known-working version
of Hercules with cygwin1.dll and the source to that version of cygwin1.dll--no,

you don't need the source to gcc (that's used to build it) nor the source to
TeX (that's used for the documentation) nor the source to Linux (that's also
GPL'd), why would you? 

For older versions, you could put a note stating that due to online space
requirements older cygwin versions are not available online. If you don't have
offline space issues, you could keep an archive around on your personal machine
(or on CD or tape or punch-card or wherever) for emergencies. 
Hopefully in the future some good bug reports can be used to track down
whatever is causing the backward-compaitibility to break, so this would no
longer be necessary. 

Hope this helps and have a nice day.

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