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Re: Detecting text type in a shell script

Nicolas Christin wrote:
> I have been looking into the mailing-list archives and the manual but
> could not find any answer to the following problem, which will
> certainly sound trivial. I am release-engineering some software
> developed under Unix. The thing installs just fine under Cygwin when
> the "UNIX file" text type has been selected at installation type but
> breaks if the "DOS file" text type has been selected. So, what I
> would want to have in the ./install of the package I am
> release-enginering is something of the form:
> #!/bin/sh
> if [ ${cygwin-unix-type} eq "true" ]; then
>         proceed();
> else
>         bail();
> fi;
> How can I detect what text type was chosen at install time? (So that I
> can appropriately set/unset my cygwin-unix-type variable.)
> Again, if this is something that has already asked and answered, I
> apologize, I just didn't find it. Please feel free to redirect me to
> the appropriate documentation.

man mount


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