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Question about latest build - openssh-3.5p1-2


I use ssh to connect to a Linux box and on the 6th I suddenly found that
vim (enhanced) on the linux host was no longer useable over the usual
ssh connection.  Vim would load a text file, but almost any input produced
a series of beeps and streams of trash chars at the bottom of the screen.
Fortunately, ctrl-Z worked most of the time to get me out of vim.

On the 5th I had upgraded the vim rpm's on the linux host, so I rolled
back from 6.1 to 5.7 on linux, but this didn't help. Vim over ssh from
Cygwin was still broken. I reinstalled vim 6.1 on the linux box.

However, I've found that rolling back openssh from 3.5p1-3 to 3.5p1-2
fixes the problem.  Going back to 3.5p1-3 brings it back.

I've compared the source for these two versions of openssh and the
difference (in session.c) seems (to me) to be unrelated to anything that
might produce a terminal control issue.

Is it possible that 3.5p1-3 was built somehow differently than 3.5p1-2?

What were the exact options used to configure and build each?  I don't
see any documentation of this in the source.

Doug Wyatt

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