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Re: [Problem] mempcpy is missing? (FAQ alert)

Christopher Faylor wrote:

Of course we're going to fix cygwin.  I just checked in a fix.  While I
assume this will probably be the end of it since no one will go to the
effort of trying to fix libintl's configury and, if they did, there
would probably be no official response anyway, the complete and correct
fix is to modify libintl.  Then people using cygwin 1.3.10 - 1.3.20
could benefit too.
No, I'm going to fix gettext, thankyouverymuch. the thing that scares me, is I like to keep gettext, in particular, synced up with the official version. the reason is because gettextize is used to install the actual source code into a target package. By changing the code on cygwin, anyone maintaining a package on cygwin will generate different dist tarballs than if they were maintaining it on linux. Badness.

So, I dunno if I should fold the change into our distribution and then push it to Bruno, or push it to Bruno and simply update cygwin's version when Bruno releases 0.11.6


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