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Re: [Problem] mempcpy is missing? (FAQ alert)

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Of course we're going to fix cygwin.  I just checked in a fix.
>> While I assume this will probably be the end of it since no one will
>> go to the effort of trying to fix libintl's configury and, if they
>> did, there would probably be no official response anyway, the
>> complete and correct fix is to modify libintl.  Then people using
>> cygwin 1.3.10 - 1.3.20 could benefit too.
> No, I'm going to fix gettext, thankyouverymuch.

Fix how? Unless I'm very much confused, this would require configure to
create 2 new headers, containing lines like those below for every function
that was in a header but did not link, AND then wrapping every include of
system headers in every source file with #include "begin-system-madness.h"
... #include "end-system-madness.h".

Example begin-system-madness.h:
#define func1 __autoconf_func1_does_not_link
#define func2 __autoconf_func2_does_not_link
#define func3 __autoconf_func3_does_not_link

Example end-system-madness.h:
#undef func1
#undef func2
#undef func3

Do you really intend to do that?

>  the thing that scares
> me, is I like to keep gettext, in particular, synced up with the
> official version.  the reason is because gettextize is used to install
> the actual source code into a target package.  By changing the code on
> cygwin, anyone maintaining a package on cygwin will generate different
> dist tarballs than if they were maintaining it on linux.  Badness.
> So, I dunno if I should fold the change into our distribution and then
> push it to Bruno, or push it to Bruno and simply update cygwin's
> version when Bruno releases 0.11.6

Isn't this the first time anyone has reported these problem prototypes
messing up a compile?
(NB: I mean breaking a compile that would have otherwise worked, instead of
simply delaying failiure to the link stage).


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