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Re: Algum brasileiro usa Cygwin ?

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
> > > Read `man term`
> > FYI, "echo `man term`" returns something quite unreadable...  Be careful
> > to use the right quotes next time, for newbies' sake.  ;-)
> I usually use backquotes to signify that something needs to be run (if I
> don't want to put it on a line by itself, like so
> $ man term
> but you're probably right about it not being newbie-safe (though I would
> doubt that a newbie would have made the connection with the shell's
> backquotes as you did).

Oh, the most dangerous animal of all - an informed newbie... :-D

> > > and get back to us when you've done that.
> > > IOW: YOWTHYWT (how do you expect anyone to answer you if you just say
> > > boo-hoo! it doesn't work!)
> > > rlc
> > > (am I as mean as cgf yet?)
> > Hmm, an aspiring soul, eh?  Well, you'd probably qualify as an apprentice.
> > Besides, cgf has mellowed out recently... :-D
> Yeah, I noticed. Do you think it's a lack of coffee, beer, ... ?
> I'm getting worried!
> ;)
> rlc

I think it's the impending release, and the merging in of tons of
changes...  Once the pressure is off, he'll be back to his old cheerful
self.  Won't you, cgf? ;-)
P.S. Hey, I'm aspiring too, can't you tell?
P.P.S. BTW, I *love* the subject line of this thread... :-D
      |\      _,,,---,,_		pechtcha at cs dot nyu dot edu
ZZZzz /,`.-'`'    -.  ;-;;,_		igor at watson dot ibm dot com
     |,4-  ) )-,_. ,\ (  `'-'		Igor Pechtchanski
    '---''(_/--'  `-'\_) fL	a.k.a JaguaR-R-R-r-r-r-.-.-.  Meow!

Oh, boy, virtual memory! Now I'm gonna make myself a really *big* RAMdisk!
  -- /usr/games/fortune

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