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Re: About the 'su' command

Sylvain Petreolle wrote:

Really?  Here's two useful and informative messages I found on the
page of hits from google:

(I used the mailing list serach engine :) but of course google pOwEr )

First mistake. ;-)


Reading the first one and its thread doesnt give a valuable reason to keep the FAQ out of sync.

You're welcome to submit a patch.  I offered this thread as "good
background" only.  I wasn't seeking to justify the FAQ's entry.


Does this not answer your question and provide suitable options for

The second says the command wont work unless I have appropriate privileges. Do you know "someone" on an XP station that has more powers than the Administrator or an Administrators member ?

Certainly.  SYSTEM.  But I'd highly recommend using ssh instead of
su.  That way you don't have to create a user with privileges that
opens a security hole just so you can su.  Of course, you can do
so if you prefer.

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