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Re: changing bash window title

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Sanjay Goel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the bash window has title Cygwin by default .. whenever I do a
>> telnet or lynx .. it changes the title .. how do I restore it again
>> or change it to something custom ..
>> TIA
>> Sanjay
> Sanjay,
> The default .bashrc has a commented out function "settitle()".  Just
> uncomment that line, restart bash, and you'll be able to run "settitle
> Your Title" (no quotes necessary).  The function works for the console
> window, xterm, and rxvt.
> If your .bashrc doesn't have that function, look in
> /etc/skel/.bashrc, or search this list for "settitle".  Note the
> control characters.
> Igor

Hi Igor,
I added this line in my .bashrc
function settitle() { echo -n "^[]2;$@^G^[]1;$@^G"; }
now when I write settitle sanjay on my $ , it does not change my title ..
this is what happens

[~]$ settitle sanjay

what is it that I am missing ?

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