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Re: Fatal Flex Bug

        I only just joined this list so please excuse aberrant behaviour.

I am also in the same situation as Matt, but I have more information about it.

First, you can easily work around it by telling devstudio to invoke flex through bash:

c:\cygwin\bin\bash -c "flex ..."

This is with 2.5.31-1, my previous version was 2.5.4-2.

Previous experience with DevStudio has suggested to me that it invokes external commands via, so I checked invoking flex manually with identical arguments under bash and under The result is that it always seems to work under bash, but under it can give a command-line summary, but not compile my script (I only have the one script handy to test it under). So I think the problem is invocation under, not anything about DevStudio per se.

I'm attaching a cygcheck output.

I'm not sure whether flex should invoke under e.g. is there a difference between invoking an isolated cygwin executable by its full path, and invoking one which tries to access other executables, and which may not have a PATH set up?

In any case, I have a simple work-around, so this is JFYI.

Ian Badcoe

I want to use flex in Visual Studio, but it won't run. It just says:

flex: fatal internal error, exec failed

It worked before I upgraded Cygwin a few days ago. I don't know what version of flex I was using before, but this happens with version 2.5.31.

Matt Gregory

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