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Re: Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Q in rxvt/bash

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Paul D. DeRocco wrote:

> I'm running bash inside an rxvt window, and Ctrl-S and Ctrl-Q seem to be
> behaving as xoff and xon, making them unusable for line editing. Is there
> anywhere that this can be turned off? I can't find anything in the man pages
> for rxvt or bash.

This is a function of a terminal.
See "man stty" -- in particular, 'stty start ""; stty stop ""'.

> Also, is there any way to get cursor keys to transmit something other than
> an escape sequence? I'd like to use ESC as the kill-entire-line character.
> Ciao,
> Paul

Nope, that, again, is a function of the terminal.  However, you should be
able to map a lone ESC character separately from the escape sequences.
See "info readline" and "help bind".
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