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Re: Error in first execution

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Larry Hall wrote:

> At 04:13 AM 9/1/2004, you wrote:
> >Hi to everyone !
> >
> >i'm a new-new-user with a new problem ! the pdf manual and the guides on
> >Google don't help me
> >
> >I downloaded and installed the 'deafult' packages, with no modying notinhg
> >of what proposed from cygwin setup program.
> >
> >when i installed. i double-clicked on its icon on desktop and i receive an
> >advise from sed.exe about cygintl-3.dll not found. the terminal windows
> >start but... what's the error?
> >
> >i'm using win 2003 server, and i installed from administrator login so i
> >have ALL the permissions (the machine is mine). i installed for 'all users',
> >because i'm the only user of the machine
> Here's the recipe for solving these kinds of problems.
> 1. Goto <>
> 2. Type in the name of the missing file.  Press 'Enter'.  This will tell you
>    the name of the package with that file.
> 3. Run setup.
> 4. Find the package in the chooser and install it.

Rinse.  Repeat. :-)

> 5. Bask in the glory of a job well-done! :-)
> --
> Larry Hall

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"Happiness lies in being privileged to work hard for long hours in doing
whatever you think is worth doing."  -- Dr. Jubal Harshaw

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