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Re: env -i specialities on cygwin

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004, Christian Weinberger wrote:

> If one want´s to start a new process without an environment, env -i will be
> the choice.
> In the cygwin enviroment this leads to problems if /bin or /usr/bin are not
> added to the PATH in the new process. In this case the cygwin1.dll is not
> in the path and will not be found be the process that just tries to start.
> This is true for all other DLLs that may be used by the cygwin executable.

Yes, that's the way Windows works.  You *have* to have /bin in your PATH
if you want the Windows dynamic loader to find your DLL.

> There are two options to avoid this:
> 1) Modify all shell scripts that use env -i to include /usr/bin in the PATH
> when porting appications to cygwin. This means lots of manual work since
> shell scripts are often not considered to be dynamic in autoconf/automake
> runs.
> 2) Modify the env binary to always include /usr/bin to the path, even if
> the -i switch is specified. But this will not just allow access to the DLLs
> but to all executables in the same directory. This may raise security
> problems.

Option 2 looks like one that follows the principle of least surprise.
Frankly, I don't see how this raises security problems, as the executables
can always be accessed directly via /bin/blah.exe or /usr/bin/blah.exe

> A third solution would be to have all cygwin DLLs in a separate directory
> where no executables reside. But this would be a more dramatic change to
> the distribution.

If you want better security (i.e., protection from malicious scripts), use
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