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Re: Installing php 5

Robert Schmidt schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
mirko tebaldi schrieb:
Please, someone can help me (eventually in private mailing) step by step for
installing php 5 ?

Go to

Neither PHP4 nor 5 take part of cygwin because the package was broken. I'm also anxious to see it back in!

I succeeded installing the Win32 PHP4 binaries from, and got it to work in cygwin Apache 1.3 as a CGI handler.

This is suboptimal compared to an Apache module, though, and the Win32 PHPs won't understand cygwin's home folders or symlinks (and probably much more).

Yes, but these builds and snaps come with all needed modules.

The real problem with php packaging for cygwin is not php alone. (besides the not yet solved apache ssl - rebase problem, which is irrelevant to the cli target)
It's all the seperate and dirty old modules you need to install.
About 60?
If it would be easy, I would have made it also.

But for my company I had to do php updates on linux once in a while and it was a nightmare. Esp. Boutell's GD way of things.
Reini Urban

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