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PS1 overwrites attempt to change title, settitle in bash or rxvt title

This message is more for just getting into the archives to help any newbies like me in the future. I was trying to set the title of my cygwin and rxvt windows and was not having any luck.  I followed the instructions to echo something like:

	echo -e "\033]2;New Title\007"

but it never seemed to work.  It would only show the default cygwin title of the current path (/cygdrive/c/...).  I was trying everything I could think of, then I changed PS1 to be something different and I could now set the title. It turns out the default PS1 in cygwin/etc/profile sets PS1 to include "\033]0;\w\007".  That string is the terminal code to set the title.  So anytime I did something to set the title, the evaulation of PS1 would overwrite it.  So anyone having a problem setting the title should look at their PS1 variable.

(In case anyone doesn't know, PS1 is the shell environment variable which controls what your command prompt looks like.)

Also, I saw references to use the settitle function found in the default bashrc (cygwin/etc/defaults/etc/skel).  That didn't work because the characters in the function are exactly:

	echo -n "^[]2;$@^G^[]1;$@^G";

Where the ^ are actual carat characters.  That is, ^[ are the two characters 'carat' and '[' as opposed to the single character ESC. The same with ^G.



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