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Re: Installation hangs because asks for input from terminal (Attn: tetex maintainer, setup maintainer)

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski writes:
> > Not really.  As Max said, the environment in which the postinstall scripts
> > run is the same as the one you'd get when you run them on the command line
> > (albeit from a non-login /bin/sh).  That environment will contain all of
> > the Windows-set environment variables.  If the tools require that some
> > variables be unset (because they might throw the tools off, for example),
> > the variables have to be unset in the postinstall script -- setup.exe
> > can't be expected to know all of the variables potentially conflicting
> > with all of the packages.
> No, of course.  That's why I'd like to have an empty (rather than a
> cleaned) environment, isn't that possible?  That sounds cleaner than
> fixing all scripts?

Most scripts don't need an empty environment.

> FWIW, the way teTeX works, most variables set in texmf.cnf are
> overridden by the environment; it would be next to impossible to
> guarantee a successful teTeX environment after logging in if variables
> from the WINDOWS are allowed to silently enter the Cygwin
> environment...

Well, if you install teTeX with an empty environment, and then attempt to
run it from a user shell (which *will* inherit the Windows settings),
wouldn't it still be broken?

(Yes, you can play games with /etc/profile.d scripts, but that can only
take you so far...)

BTW, as CGF said, you can't have a completely empty environment, or
Cygwin won't work.  I recall there was a thread a while ago about patching
"env -i" to keep some of the necessary variables, but I just checked env
on my system, and looks like that thread didn't result in any changes to

Why not just unset offending variables for now?  You can kill anything
starting with "TEX", for example, with something like

eval "`env | sed -n '/^TEX/s/=.*$/=/ p'`"

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