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Re: Installation - where is it all

At 09:23 PM 9/14/2004, you wrote:
>I've checked all the Q's I could find, but couldn't find an answer to this short
>When cygwin installs, does it *all* go in the c:\cygwin directory (or other
>directory that's specified)?
>My need is I need to install it onto a machine that doesn't have Internet
>access. I'm thinking I can download & install on to one machine, and then burn
>that whole directory to CD and then copy it to the other machine. I'd guess I'd
>need to set its PATH. 
>What else would I need to do?

Yes, the installation puts it *all* in the directory you choose.  However,
you're better off copying the local package directory and the setup program
to the CD and installing on the machine without Internet access from that.
This is the recommended approach for the situation you described.

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