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Re: Problem with cat under bash shell

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Lionel Barnett wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
> >   The fact that mounting your /tmp on a remote drive is a pretty rare thing
> > would be another reason.  Remote home dirs, yes, remote /bin dirs yes,
> > remote /tmp...... not so commonly done.  Owing to a) there's generally no
> > need nor use for sharing the contents of /tmp with other users and b) it
> > gets used pretty heavily and mostly for temporary files and data that are
> > going to be needed again imminently, so for efficiency purposes it would be
> > nice if the data didn't have to make a round-trip across the network to a
> > server and then back again when it could just stay on your local machine
> > where it's needed in the first place.
> Agreed - things are actually noticeably zippier with a local /tmp
> (particularly as our network is somewhat crapulous).
> As to how/why we ended up with a remote /tmp is as follows: our work setup is
> that most of our (shared) software - including Cygwin - sits on a shared drive
> on machine S, say. We generally terminal serve in to machines A, B, C, ...
> over the network and run stuff from there (which may access fs's on machines
> X, Y, Z...). Now since the default Cygwin install sets up /tmp as... well,
> /tmp, under our setup this means /tmp sits on machine S which will be remote
> as far as machines A, B, C are concerned. I wouldn't have thought this to be
> such an uncommon setup.
> Hence the solution to symlink /tmp to /cygdrive/c/temp, as this is guaranteed
> to be local. Perhaps this could get a mention in the FAQ/Install notes?

It's actually better to re-mount /tmp as a local dir instead, e.g.

mount -fsb c:/temp /tmp

That way you avoid one network access for each /tmp access (to read the
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