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Re: signal delivery problem (with pthreads)

> Maybe the operating system is the essence. I've always tried it on NT 4.0
> WS SP6a+hotfixes. Tomorrow I'll check it (the same executable) on 2000/XP.

I've checked it and got the same bad result (crash) on 2000, XP and Win98.

I've installed cygwin bundle for compilation of sig_bug.c on XP, compiled
sig_bug.c to sig_bug.exe and ran it. Nothing was changed - crash.

So could someone who got the _successful_ run of sig_bug.exe with recently
(>1.5.7-1) releases or snapshots of cygwin1.dll send it (sig_bug.exe) to my
personal e-mail? And please, specify your arguments for gcc, version of gcc,
version of cygwin1.dll and version of OS, for example:
  * gcc -O2 -s -o sig_bug.exe sig_bug.c -lpthread
  * gcc version 3.3.3-3
  * cygwin1.dll from snapshot of 20040920
  * Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP6a+

I'll try received sig_bug.exe with my cygwin1.dll in my environment to
distinguish a (possible) cygwin1.dll issue from a compilation (gcc/binutils)
issue. Thanks.


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