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Re: New packge: lighttpd-1.3.0

"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:

> if you ask me, the PHP build system is broken.
> I tried to build 5.0.1, I'm getting no lipphp, no shared modules,
> libdb is not found...  If you specify an extension and the relevant
> dependency is not available the configure exits, it is terrible, this
> sucks really.
> How do I need to configure to get a shared library?  Shared modules?
> Why isn't there a howto about this in the source dist included?  Who
> is responsible for this broken system?
> If I call `make` I get a static archive, no DLL, it is
> weird...
> I hate this package since I tried to build it the first time.

Part of the problem here is that "We don't support building under
Cygwin" is the official line from php-dev.

I've got php-4.3.8 working fine as a DSO with Apache (a single 3.1M
chgphp4.dll.)  This works for whatever modules/extensions are statically
included, but obviously that's not quite acceptable.  If you
"--enable-foo=shared" you get a foo.a file in the modules dir, but this
is not a win32 executable and so it cannot be dlopen()'d.  I'm still
working on how to get these extension modules working, when I do I'll
ITP the whole batch.


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