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Re: Cygwin processes getting stuck on max CPU usage; XP SP2 problem?

Some of my colleagues and I are seeing this without using Process
Explorer.  No doubt some other automated process is triggering it, but we
don't know which.

Is there anything I can do to help work towards a fix?  It's moderately
inconvenient having to restart rxvt or bash every few hours.


> If you have symbols installed and you list the threads for the hung
> Cygwin process you'll see the stuck one is in a loop in
> ntdll.dll!RtlConvertUiListToApiList, as well as a corresponding thread
> in csrss.exe (CSRSRV.dll!ValidateMessageString) for each.  The CPU usage
> seems to be split equally between them all.
> So, it's definitely an interaction between Cygwin and Process Explorer's
> grubby little fingers... however no one seems to be interestd in fixing
> it so for the time being the solution seems to be "Don't accidently
> enable the 'DLLs View' of a cygwin process in ProcExp."

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