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Re: Inheriting parent ACLs?

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Gabe Rosenhouse wrote:

> Hello.  I have a couple questions regarding
> > Windows Explorer will inherit the permissions of the
> > parent directory by default, whereas Cygwin will always create a new set
> > of ACLs (or, at least, I haven't found a way to make Cygwin directories
> > inherit the parent's ACLs).
> from the recent thread "Re: Login behaviour oddities: won't run
> .profile" (
> Is this behavior a feature or a bug?

It's a Windows (or, rather, NTFS) feature.

> Is there a global setting to cause every file and directory created in
> Cygwin to simply inherit the Windows ACL of its parent directory?

P.S. If you use only Windows tools to create files and directories, they
should always inherit the parent directory permissions, but check that.
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