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Re: cygrunsrv fails to run services

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Sep 24 17:56, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> > I cannot say how long this problem exists at my home box, but it is not
> > since the last upgrade or so, a long standing issue for me.  Every
> > Cygwin service I try to start fails: sshd, postmaster, cygserver,
> > lighttpd is also not running in background without cygrunsrv.
> >
> > Error is just: 1062, service not started.
> > Eventlog is empty.
> >
> > Since cygserver is up and running in background and also postgres is
> > running and I am able to connect it without postmaster service running I
> > didn't do much about this issue, but now I have some spare time and I
> > want to track it down.
> >
> > Attached is my cygcheck output, maybe (hopefully) it is some obvious
> > mistake in my environment which prevents cygrunsrv to start services.
> > It fails also when I try to start from Service Manager, of course since
> > it does nothing else than calling cygrunsrv.
> >
> > Some useful hints would help me to get some light on this problem.
> I know it works on NT4 SP6 since I'm running it successfully with sshd
> on that system.  Empty Event Log is strange, usually you have at least
> *some* message.  Sure that it's not just a log overflow?
> > CYGWIN = `ntsec binmode tty nowinsymlinks check_case:strict server'
> Is that your setting in the system environment?  If so, did you try
> w/o check_case:strict?

Good advice.  A quick test for whether this is really the culprit is
running "cmd /c 'echo %PATH%'" from a bash prompt, and seeing if the full
PATH is echoed.  A workaround is to fix the directory case in your Windows
PATH setting.

> We should really drop this option.
> Corinna

Please don't.  I'm about to submit a patch to fix the above issue.
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