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Re: cygrunsrv fails to run services

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Sep 24 17:56, Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>>I cannot say how long this problem exists at my home box, but it is
>>not since the last upgrade or so, a long standing issue for me.
>>Every Cygwin service I try to start fails: sshd, postmaster,
>>cygserver, lighttpd is also not running in background without

>>Error is just: 1062, service not started.
>>Eventlog is empty.

> Is that your setting in the system environment?  If so, did you try
> w/o check_case:strict?  We should really drop this option.

Good hint! Either this was rthe reason, or

>>H:\/bin /usr/bin system binmode
> ^^
> Huh?
>>H:\/lib /usr/lib system binmode
> ^^
> What's that crap?

that was the reason.

These are two bugs in setup.exe, 1. trailing backslashes are not removed
when enter them behind the installation path and 2. if you install into
the root, you must add the trailing backslash, else setup refuses to
continue, usually I modify  the registry manually, but sometimes I forget
about it.


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