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Re: text mount if cygwin not installed

On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 02:21:25PM -0400, sergey ivanov wrote:
>...clients can not receive files, because of translation CR->CR/LF
>inside binary files.  Environment variable CYGWIN=binmode now ignored
>in this situation.

CYGWIN=binmode has been ignored in this situation for quite some time.

>The problem may be solved by entering 'cygdrive flags' valued 0x22 into
>registry key '...Cygwin/mounts v2'.  But I need solution without
>registry changing for the clients.

You could use the mount command.  That's how you manipulate those
registry settings.

>So, now I have a patch, and I am asking to include it, or to solve this 
>problem in some another way, enabling use rsync for clients without 
>installing cygwin.

Thanks for the patch.  I've checked in a minor variation of it.  I chose
to make it clear that MOUNT_BINARY was being passed to get_int by
explicitly including it in each call.  As you correctly surmised,
binmode is supposed to be the default.  I'm surprised that it is not.

This will be in today's snapshot which should be at:

within an hour or so, barring any difficulties.

I'd also contacted the rsync maintainer previously so that this can be
fixed in rsync eventually too.


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