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RE: Program exited with code 0303000

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Dan Osborne
> Sent: 27 September 2004 12:21

> Further investigation leads me to dumper.exe. Should this 
> create a core file
> that I could examine in gdb then I could investigate further 
> but adding ...
> set CYGWIN=error_start=d:\cygwin\usr\bin\dumper.exe
> to my cygwin.bat doesn't lead to one being created after my 
> program exits
> with code 0303000.

  Why would you expect it to?  Returning a non-zero error code from main
(..) isn't remotely the same thing as having a SEGV or other problem that
would cause a core dump to be generated.

> Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? 

  Misunderstanding what dumper.exe does.
  Misunderstanding what a non-zero return code is.
  Misunderstanding what conditions cause a corefile to be generated.

> > Things were fine with Oracle OCI calls but I have now 
> replaced them with
> > ODBC calls using the odbc32.dll (having used impdef and 
> dlltool to create
> > libodbc32.a) so am suspicious of this element but would 
> appreciate some
> > pointers in how to investigate further.

  So, it used to work, then you changed it, and it stopped working?  I think
you can fairly safely deduce that your changes were buggy.

  Either that, or the last line of main (...) reads "return 0x0303000;".

  Since you've got the code up and running in a debugger, you can set
breakpoints on abort, exit, and the last line of main, then when it hits one
you can see for yourself from which point your code is exiting and the
reason why it's returning a non-zero exit code.

  BTW, you haven't declared main to return void, have you?  If you try that
I'll have to set the denizens of comp.lang.c on you......

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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