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Re: crontab/mount problem

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Robert Schmidt wrote:

> Larry Hall wrote:
> > Read this:
> >
> > <>
> >
> > If you've installed cron as directed, you won't have access to non-publicly
> > accessible shares.  Your options are to make the shares accessible to all
> > without authentication or run 'cron' as a service under the same user as
> > owns the crontab.  The former opens up your share's permissions
> > significantly.  The latter makes 'cron' usable by only you.
> >
> > There's plenty in the email archives about all this too if you're looking
> > for more reading.
> I'm wondering if this restriction also applies to e.g. DCOM permissions?
> I'm using cron to run a C# program (my own) which extracts contacts info from
> Outlook to an LDIF file, for importing into openldap.  This works fine on the
> command line, and works with cron running as myself.
> With cron running as System, using setuid to myself, the Outlook COM object
> model refuses access.  ("new Outlook.ApplicationClass" throws an
> UnauthorizedAccessException.)
> I'd rather avoid having to hardcode my user name and password into the
> cygrunsrv command line, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Well, you could do it as an experiment...  If that works, it'll be a data

It could be the permission issue, or it could be a much simpler "thou
shalt not unset SYSTEMROOT in services" issue (search the archives).
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