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RE: Program exited with code 0303000

>   Um.  Bizarre.  You did build with -g and -O0, didn't you?  Is
> this an actual
> function call here, or does add_var turn out to be some kind of
> macro or something
> that otherwise gets inlined?

Well I was actually using -ggdb3 but I tried -g -O0 and it made no
difference. I think the add_var line is spurious as there is no
__cxa_rethrow in otlv4.h

>   Hmm.  Have you properly used 'throws XXX' declarations on all
> the function
> prototypes that need them?

Err, no there aren't any - I'll add them and see if it helps.

> > So I'm wondering firstly why gdb seems to have a mismatch
> > between address
> > and source line number and why that throw didn't get caught
> > in my catch in
> > main.
>   You haven't shown me your main catch clause, but I'll assume
> that it covers all
> exception types (or at any rate, that it includes
> RProgReturnException).  As I
> suggest above, giving bad information to the compiler (through
> missing or bogus
> throws decls) can cause it to generate bad unwind info: and we
> can pretty much
> presume that the unwind info has to be bad in some way and that's
> why it's missing
> your outer catch when it unwinds.

Yes, there's a catch (...) so I'll work on those throws clauses.

Oh and the throw is in a shared library with the catch in my main if that
has any bearing.



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