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Re: cygheap problems with 1.5.11

>>>>> Gerrit P Haase writes:

    > Hi Volker,
    >> In my case the cygheap_fixup_in_child error manifests only in a
    >> couple of gnome1 applications which I compiled by myself. It looks as
    >> so all apps which are dependent on /opt/gnome1/bin/cygart_lgpl-2.dll
    >> are infected. All my other gnome1 apps works just fine. For example:

    >> 08:15 AM [741]> cygcheck /opt/gnome1/bin/gnubg.exe 
    >> D:/opt/gnome1/bin/gnubg.exe
    >> D:/opt/gnome1/bin\cygart_lgpl-2.dll                   <----

    > Is this the released or a selfcompiled version?

A selfcompiled version. I have almost all of the gnome1 platform
compiled by myself with the xorg- dll's. In the beginning with shm
support, but this led to strange MapViewOfFileEx errors. So I disabled
shm support in gtk+. I also have a couple of gnome1 apps which used to
work fine until recently. Not all are infected, but all which are using
my cygart_lgpl-2.dll as it seems :-((

I'm now trying to compile these apps with your gnome2 libs.
Thanks by the way for your effort.

    > Gerrit


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