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Re: SSH Environment

David E. Meier wrote:


I try the running ssh client with only the required dll's from a .net application and without a full cygwin installation. Basically that works fine.

However, I have a problem regarding the known_hosts file: It does not get written anywhere and therefore asks to add the key each time the app runs. I tried to set the environment variabe to: HOME=c:\Program Files\myApp in WinXP with a subdir .ssh already created. No luck.

Then I tried setting the HOME-variable to different values when starting the ssh-process from my .net application using "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/myApp", "/cygdrive/c/Program\\ Files/myApp" or "C:\Program Files\myApp". No luck as well.

What am I missing here? Do I need more environment variables? Another solution for setting the path of the known_hosts file?

Why would a home directory be under "Program Files"?!? "Program Files" is a directory that contains a space in it so you might try escaping it. Well further reading of this thread suggests that OpenSSH uses the home directory in /etc/passwd anyway but still are ya gonna put /cygdrive/c/Program Files/myApp in that field? I think you'll still have a problem with the space.

I don't think you want a home directory under program files in the first place.

However, one trick that I do to more easily deal with the "Program Files" think is:

$ mount -bsf "/cydrive/c/Program Files" /apps

Then it's simply /apps/<application>/<etc>. Much easier to deal with, shorter and file name completion under bash works well with this.
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