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Re: cygserver won't start (FAQ alert)

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 13:25:06 -0400 (EDT), Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > David, this is definitely an FAQ, but there is nothing in the FAQ about
> > services (other than the "how do I install snapshots" entry).  Should we
> > add something along the lines:
> >
> >   Why don't my services work?
> >
> >   Most Windows services run as the SYSTEM user.  If you installed Cygwin
> >   for "Just Me", the SYSTEM user won't see the mount table.  You need to
> >   re-mount all of your mounts as "system" for services to work.
> >
> > We could even include the recipe for remounting as system (e.g., from
> > <>), or tell them to run
> > setup.exe again and select "All Users" on the "Install For" screen (and
> > use the "Keep" view, so that nothing gets upgraded accidentally).
> >
> > Incidentally, being able to use system mounts requires write access to the
> > HKLM registry tree.  However, installing services also seems to require
> > it, so if anyone has problems with services not working (but being
> > correctly installed into the registry) should also be able to use system
> > mounts.  Don't know if this is worth mentioning in the FAQ.
> Well, I updated that FAQ.

Thanks very much.

> I left out the registry-permission bits since it seemed superfluous.

Fair enough.

> <>

Umm, a couple of minor nits.  First off, I think mentioning the option of
re-running setup.exe and selecting "Install For All Users" would be
helpful to those who don't like random scripts (besides, the script
mentioned will re-mount *all* user mounts, whereas only "/", "/usr/bin",
and "/usr/lib" are needed).  It could, of course, be fixed by something

eval "`mount -m | egrep '\"/(|usr/(bin|lib))\"' | sed -e 's/ -u / -s /g' -e 's/$/;/'`"

which you may or may not wish to use in the above entry.  Also, quoting
the contents of the above link:

   Workarounds include using public network share that does not require
   authentication (for non-critical files), or running the service as your
   own user with `cygrunsrv'.

I would say `cygrunsrv -u' here instead, just to point people in the right
direction.  Also,

   How should I set my PATH?

   How should I set my PATH?

   This is done for you in the file /etc/profile, which is sourced by...

i.e., the "How should I set my PATH?" question seems to have been

P.S. Joshua, are you the FAQ maintainer now?
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